Programs By Us

From many years we are doing different programs for the public's better dental health. We want to continue all these programs for the benefit of the society.

Most of the people are still unaware of dental care and dental treatment but we are giving them opportunity to know what dentistry is and what can dentist do for them.

By opening a highly sophisticated dental hospital, Fatima Dental Hospital proved its commitment and devotion to the society. We have very skilled people for this technical job and we are trying to modernize it for the convenience of people. We have donated charitable clinic in Al-Mustafa Trust in Gulshan-e-Iqbal. It cost very low to the patient and can afford it very easily. We are also planning to open more clinics like these in different localities.

As our economy is very poor and most of the people are deprived of their basic needs. In such a situation Fatima Dental Hospital is doing its best for the betterment of the people and we have organized free dental camps in different localities on different occasions so this will provide lot of information to those who can't pay.